Hornets News · Budget News Summer 2011

Dear Saline Athletic Community,


As many of you are aware school districts in the state of Michigan are facing budget issues, and Saline is no different.  When schools are looking for ways to relieve the pressure of less money, quite often they look to make cuts in areas that are not directly related to the instructional day.  The Saline School District has a strong tradition of viewing athletics as an extension of the instructional day and places a high value in the education that takes place everyday on our fields of practice and competition.

However, there is always an increase in the overall cost to maintain an athletic department, which includes equipment, officials, transportation, custodial services, field and court maintenance, uniforms, supplies, and coaching salaries. In order to balance the athletic budget, we have been taking steps to cut some of our costs, and we are also required to generate more revenue.  The good news is that by taking the steps in our plan, the programs we offer will not be greatly affected and we will still be able to ensure a positive experience for Saline’s student athletes.  There will not be a reduction in the number of programs or teams.  There will not be additional reduction in transportation to athletic events, and we will continue to work hard to maintain the quality facilities we enjoy.


To generate more revenue the Saline Athletic Department is taking the following steps for the 2011-2012 school year:


1.  We will be selling an athletic punch ticket.  Each ticket will be good for 10 admissions into any Saline High School regular season athletic competition.  The tickets will go on sale in August and will be sold for $40.  The ticket can be purchased in the athletic office or at the ticket gate on the day of events.  We will no longer be selling the Hornet Pass for adults.  This will be a much more practical pass for our supporters.


Admissions into Saline High School athletic events will be $5 for all spectators.


Admissions into Saline Middle School athletic events will be $3 for adults and $1 for students.


We want our stands full and cheering on our Hornets!


2.  We are going to increase our participation fee by $75.  A student-athlete at the high school will pay a one-time fee for the school year of $250.  A student-athlete at the middle school will pay a one-time fee for the school year of $200.  These increases to the fees are still comparable or even less than many of the schools in our conference or in our area.  To help offset the increase in the participation fee, the athletic department is going to give every student-athlete that pays his/her participation fee a free Hornet Pass.  The Hornet Pass will get the student-athlete into every home athletic event (excluding MHSAA Tournaments).  This year’s Hornet Pass will be a punch on the student-athlete’s student ID card.


In addition, the athletic department will continue to offer scholarships or waivers for the participation fees.  To receive the scholarship or waiver the student-athlete must participate in the free or reduced lunch program. The scholarship application can be found under the Pay to Participate drop-down bar at www.salinehornets.com.  This information will be kept confidential between the family and the Athletic Department.


As always, our Athletic Department appreciates the support it receives from the Saline Community.


Rob White

Saline Area Schools’ Athletic Director