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Hornets News · MS CC Results SEC#3 at Munson Park, Monroe

Saline MS Girls

Saline had the overall SEC Champion Gillian Walter, 12:11.

Girls were outstanding placing 4 in the top 5 and 5 in the top 15.

Finishing in the top five were Gillian Walter 1st place, 12:11, 2nd place Hannah Cummings 12:36, 4th place Lily Phelps 12:50 and 5th place Hannah Cummings 13:02.


Team Scores: Saline 23, Dexter 42, Bedford 64, Chelsea 113, Adrian 128, Monroe 161, Lincoln 218


Saline MS Boys

Brian Blakenship was the 1st place finisher 11:39, in an exciting race in which he kicked down Lincoln’s Bryan Adamovicz who had won the previous 2 SEC meets.

Boys had 3 in the top 5 and an impressive 10 in the top 15.

Finishing in the top five were Brian Blankenship 1st place, 11:39, 3rd place Will Rittenhouse 11:53, 5th place Stevie Kise 12:02.


Team Scores:  Saline 22, Dexter 95, Lincoln 99, Bedford 99 Monroe 99, Chelsea 148, Adrian 163.