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Multiple Teams · Wrestling At “The Palace”, Day 2

The Saline Wrestlers are done for the day, day #2.  Right now at the palace, individuals are competing for the final spots, the top 2, in each weight division.  Wrestling will start again tomorrow morning at 8:00am with the first Hornet match scheduled for 8:30.  Here is a rundown of what of the two Hornet wrestlers that are left and their scenarios.


Holden Baker (135) will wrestle Jordan Markey from Lincoln. If Holden defeats Jordan, then he is assured of a Top 6 finish in the State.  Holden would then need to win one more match to compete for third in the State!  But should Holden lose to Jordan, then Holden drops to the bottom of the bracket and would compete for seventh.  However his day turns out, what an accomplishment!


Kyle Boxeth (103) will wrestle Nolan Smith from Portage Northern.  Essentially, Kyle’s situation is exactly the same as Holden’s.   If he keeps winning, he could finish as high as third and should he lose his first match he is in position for seventh.  Again, what a spot to be in for Kyle!  What a great job.


Kevin Fuller (112) and Chris Slattery lost their “Blood Round” matches and fell just one win short of a top eight finish.  Kudos go out to these great athletes as well!


Stay tuned, as the @shshornetnews has more updates, we will pass them along!