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Hornets News · THE HORNETS FINISH 6TH at the D-1 FINALS

Sometimes you just have to go for it and that is what the young, rebuilding Hornets did.  With some great swims, a few breaks, finishing SIXTH in D-1 is quite an accomplishment.  Coach Brunty wanted a Top-10 and “thought” is everything went right he thought 5-6-7 was in the cards.  Without a doubt, his best “coaching” job yet.  No one saw this one coming.  Below is a run down of how the meet unfolded.

At the bottom of this document is how a Championships swim meet is scored.


200 MR.  Saline did not make it to the consols or finals.


200 Free.

Jacob Ehrman goes 1:43.53 in the finals and will finish in 6th.  13 pts

Matt Sieffert goes 1:45.17 in the finals and will finish in 8th.  11 pts

After the 200 Free, Saline has 24 pts.


200 Individual Medley

Daniel Keith  goes 1:59.39 in the consols and will finish in 15th.  2 pts.

After the 200IM, Saline has 26 pts.


50 Free

Saline does not have a swimmer this year.

After the 50 free, Saline has 26 pts.

Saline is in 10th Place after the 50 Free.



Dakota Hurbis will finsih with 433.25 points and finish in 2nd place.  17 pts.

Alex Calder will finish with 395.00 points and finish in 5th place.  14 pts.

Diving 31pts + 26 pts = 57 points.

After Diving, Saline has 57 points and is in 5th Place!  The Hornets are thin in a few places, but to finish in the Top 10 will be awesome!


The 100 Fly is done.  Saline did not have an athlete.

The 100 free is in progress.  Saline does not have an athlete.

As we head to the 500 Free, Saline will have 57 points and hopefully stay in the top 7-8 as they head to the final 5 events and will score in 4 of the final 5!


The 500 free.

Jacob Ehrman goes 4:41.21 and will finish 11th in the state.  6pts.

Matt Sieffert goes 4:41.43 and gets 7th in the State.  12 pts.

Saline now has 75 points.


200 Free relay.

Ryan Klemptner, Daniel Keith, Matt Sieffert and Jacob Ehrman goes 1:28.39 and gets 7th place.  That is 24 points.

Saline has 99 points.


100 Back.  Saline does not have an athlete.


100 Breast.  Simon Rucinski goes 1:00.62 and gets 14th place.  3 pts.

Saline has 102 points.


The 400 Free relay.  Ryan Klemptner, Daniel Keith, Matt Sieffert and Jacob Ehrman goes 3:13.84 and gets 7th place.  That is another 24 points.

Saline has 126 points and will finished TIED with Detroit Catholic Central for SIXTH PLACE!!!


Great Job.

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