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Multiple Teams · “Athlete of the Week”

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We are in the last week of April, the beginning of May.  The spring season is about (+/-) 1/2 completed and each week it gets tougher and tougher to choose the “Athlete of the Week”.  I can literally set here and think of 5-6 athletes that could easily be nominated and in the end be chosen.  But this is an award that only one athlete can win and today I/we have exchanged many e-mails and texts with various coaching staffs ensuring we get it right.


Without further ado it is the privilege of @SHSHornetNews to announce that this week’s winner of the “Athlete of the Week” is sophomore Zachary Owings.  What Zachary did last week against the best that the SEC has to offer and the best that Michigan has to offer is nothing short of incredible.  Against Tecumseh, Bedford and Hudsonville Zachary compiled the following stat line:

  • 14 At Bats
  • 10 hits
  • .714 Batting Average
  • Scored 6 Runs
  • Had 11 RBI
  • 3 Doubles
  • 1 Homerun
  • A Slugging Percentage of 1.143

Those who read this and see .714 BA and a 1.143 Slugging % understand just how amazing this is.  Ultimately baseball is a team game and Zachary help contribute to his team going undefeated for the week.  To sweep Bedford and to sweep Hudsonville is nothing short of incredible.


Another special congratulations to Zachary Owings!




For those who have asked, the “Athlete of the Week” is chosen weekly based upon who separates themselves from the pack of tremendous Saline Athletes.  Statistics are passed on to @SalineAthletics or to @SHSHornetNews and a representative from a program nominates an athlete.  From there the field is narrowed and an athlete is chosen.  Without statistics being submitted and/or without a nomination being given, @SalineAthletics and @SHSHornetNews uses all resources available to choose and athlete.