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Girls Junior Varsity Lacrosse, Girls Varsity Lacrosse · Girls Varsity Lacrosse Weekly Recap

This past week saw the girls Lacrosse team travel for all of it’s competitions.  The girls did exceptionally well and here is a recap of their busy week as they girls went 5-1.


Monday the ladies traveled to Pioneer for a difficult game.  The Hornets lost by the score of 11-4 but they played very well and kept Pioneer to one of their lowest scoring games this season.  It was one of the best displays of teamwork this season.  Scorers:  Liesel Baker-1, Rachel Hysong-2, Jackie Olson-1.  Hannah Krus in goal with 15 saves.

On Tuesday the ladies headed down to Bedford for a storm-shortened win – final 11-1.  Quinn Alexis-3, Liesel Baker-4, Rachel Teitelbaum-2, Rachel Hysong-1, Reily Newton-1.  Hannah Krus with 7 saves.
Wednesday the Hornets traveled to Tecumseh for a match against the Indians.  Saline would win handily by the score of 20-2.  Scorers:  Liesel Baker-6, Ashlyn Simion-5, Haley Martis-2, Rachel Hysong-2, Rachel Teitelbaum-2, Jackie Olson-1, Quinn Alexis-1, Katie Tapia-1.  Natasha Meinecke in goal with 6 saves.
And to wind the week out the girls traveled to Walled Lake Northern for a playday.  The Hornets played 3 games and went 3-0!
Dexter:  Final 11-4 Liesel Baker-4, Ashlyn Simion-3, Rachel Hysong-2, Abbie Morton-1, Jackie Olson-1.  Natasha Meinecke in goal with 3 saves.
Warren Regina:  Final 14-3 Ashlyn Simion-5, Liesel Baker-3, Rachel Hysong-j3, Brittany Raines-1, Rachel Teitelbaum-1, Haley Martis-1,.  Natasha Meinecke 7 saves
Walled Lake:  Final 10-2  Liesel Baker-3, Brittany Raines-2, Quinn Alexis-2, Rachel Hysong-1, Rachel Teitelbaum-1, Ashlyn Simion-1.  Natasha had 3 saves.
That is a busy week and the Ladies did GREAT!