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What a week for Saline Athletes!  The ups, the downs, the highs as well as the lows.  And this week is a case that the Hornet News along with Saline Athletics has spent a great deal of time compiling stats to choose the best athlete in order to represent the Hornets.  And, no matter what we did, all roads led back to one name.


This is a very special week to name an “Athlete of the Week” as it will be the first time that we name a repeat athlete.  This athlete was nothing short of remarkable and this athlete is Laura Vaccaro.  Yes Laura was “Athlete of the Week” just a few short weeks ago, but look at her body of work before you say anything!


First, let’s look at Laura’s pitching performance

  • 21 Total Innings Pitched
  • Laura was 4-0
  • There were 63 outs while she was pitching striking out 35 (55.6%) of them
  • Pitched a NO HITTER
  • Pitched a PERFECT COMPLETE 7 inning GAME
  • 35 Strike Outs and allowed -1- base on balls
  • Allowed 4 hits
  • Which is a WHIP of 0.238
  • The Hornets were 6-0 through this stretch
  • Combined, the Hornets outscored opponents 74-6

Now, let’s look at Laura’s offensive statistics

  • 17 at bats
  • 9 hits
  • .529 batting average
  • 4 singles
  • 2 doubles
  • 3 home runs
  • That is a slugging percentage of 1.176
  • Scored 7 runs
  • 14 RBI’s
  • 2 base on balls
  • 0 strike outs


Laura is an athlete that does not come around often.  Not only is she tremendously talented, but her character is off the charts well.  She is the prototypical athlete.


Congratulations Laura!