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As I state just about every week about how the “Athlete of the Week” must separate themself from the rest of the pack.  Last week we had our first two time winner in Laura Vaccaro and this week is no different!  We have yet another first!  Coming off of 4 time defending boys Regional titles and the girls coming off of 3 time defending titles, there was a school record broken and that record was the 4 X 200 meters.


The team of Hailey Mayes (25.9), Alana Hollis (26.1), Janell Green (25.4) and Alexa Ross (24.7) covered the distance in 1:42.59 which broke the old record of 1:42.71 and thus this week’s “Athlete(s) of the Week” are the 4 X 200 team of Mayes, Hollis, Green and Ross.


The 4 X 200 team will look to break that record again as they head for the State Meet in 2 weeks.  The Hornet News and the Rest of Saline wish you the best of luck!


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