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Multiple Teams · Softball + Baseball In Districts at Bedford

A journey begins with the first step.  A 26.2 mile marathon cannot be won in the first mile, but it can be lost.  Both the boys baseball team and the girls softball team are incredibly talented and their marathon journey in the post season will begin this weekend.


The boys baseball team has pitching unlike any other high school, in the state!  It has been said forever that good pitching will beat good hitting and I know that to be true.  The Hornets however from 1-9 in the order on the offensive side have no holes either.  Once the weather broke and the boys were outside, this is absolutely one of the best teams at the high school level you’ll see.


The Girls softball team has pitching too.  Laura Vaccaro has been out of her mind all season while freshman Riley Hecklinski is now just a freshman in age as watching her grow has been a privilege.  Offensively the Hornets have had an electrifying power surge all year.  Katie Alexander has been unconscious all year hitting bomb after after bomb.  Then with the girls you add emotion and you have a lethal combination.


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