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Girls Junior Varsity Water Polo, Girls Varsity Water Polo · Saline vs AA Skyline

Hannah Lau winning the sprint, gives the Hornets the ball to start the game with. AA Skyline drawing an exclusion against Saline, but Abby Kowalczyk is there for the field block. Sarah Noonan scores the first goal of the game, giving Saline the lead early in the game, 1-0. Saline draws an exclusion but does not convert and off the counter attack a five meter penalty shot is called against Saline. Riley Beemer scores the penalty shot, tying the game 1-1 with 2:30 left in the first quarter. The first quarter ends tied 1-1.

Hannah Lau winning the sprint again, Saline controls the start of the second quarter. Ariana Brown scores for Saline, her first goal making it 2-1 Saline. Hannah Lau shoots and scores, score now 3-1 Saline. Five meter penalty called against AA Skyline and Emily McCullough does not make the shot, game still 3-1 with 4:30 left in the half. Miranda Stuart scores for Skyline, ending the half 3-2 Saline.

Hannah Lau going 3 for 3 with her sprints, Saline in control at the beginning of a quarter. Abbie Phelps scoring her first goal of the game, Saline now up 4-2 versus AA Skyline. AA Skyline draws an exclusion and Riley Beemer scores her second goal, score is now 4-3 Saline with 3:00 to go in the third quarter. Hebe Clark scores a buzzer beater and ties the game up at 4 to end the third quarter.

Hannah Lau going four for four with her sprints. Kelsey Carpenter scoring her first goal of the game, giving AA Skyline the lead for the first time all game. The score is now 5-4 Skyline with just under 5:00 left in the game. Ariana Brown scoring her second goal of the game, tying it back up 5-5. Abby Kowalczyk scores her first goal, giving the lead back to the Hornets. 6-5 with 3:18 left in the fourth quarter. Abby Kowalczyk scoring her second goal just as the shot clock runs out, the score now 7-5 Saline. Hebe Clark scoring her second goal making the score 7-6 with two minutes left in the final quarter. Hebe Clark scores her third goal of the game, with 12 seconds left in the game. Score is now tied 7-7.

End of regulation, game heads in to overtime! 2 three minute periods will be played. Hannah Lau wins the sprint for Saline to start out the first overtime period. Skyline gets an ejection and Kelsey Carpenter gets her second goal, converting on the 6-on-5. Riley Beemer scores her third goal for Skyline, making 9-7 Skyline with 25 seconds left in the first overtime quarter.

Lau winning the sixth sprint, Saline starts out in control of the second overtime quarter. Skyline wins the game 9-7, getting 7th place at the MHSAA Water Polo State Championships while Saline finishes 8th place. Congratulations ladies!


Game #9 345 Saline vs Skyline