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Multiple Teams · “Athlete of the Week”

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Well, the end of the year has come and this will be the last installment of the “Athlete of the Week”.  We have had some awesome athletes.  But I must say it has been an honor to work with @SalineAthletics (Rob White our AD) and to give credit to the athletes of Saline.  That is why we are here, the kids!  Also, all of our athletes up to this point have always been on the winning side as here in Saline that is common place!


Last Friday our Girls Soccer team traveled to Dearborn to take on the #1 ranked Northville Mustangs.  Saline unfortunately lost the game to Northville but the Hornets were fortunate the game was not 7 or 8 to zero.  The reason?  Simple.  Sofia Sweier.  Sofia was simply amazing with save after save.  And then when you thought you had seen everything, she made two saves where she was completely laid out sideways and still had her wits about her to make the save.  In the “Twittersphere”, it was lit up with dozens of people remarking about her play.


Northville’s attack was constant and never was Sofia out of position.  Officially I am not sure of the saves, but unofficially I had 9.  There were games (yes plural) that Saline’s defense did not allow a shot on goal so to allow shots (plural) on goal is a testament of the team they faced and Sofia was MORE than up to the challenge.


Congratulations to Sofia Sweier, Saline’s newest “Athlete of the Week”!