Hornets News · Saline varsity boy”s bowling team squeaks out another win.

The Saline varsity boys bowling team squeaks out another win. The varsity team first Baker game started off with the front seven strikes shooting a very impressive 246 to Lincoln High School’s 196. The Hornets stumbled during their second Baker match shooting a 151 to Lincoln’s dominating 215. This puts the Hornets down 4-6 after Baker match play. The Hornets moved into Head to Head play.  The  Hornets were determined to make up for their performance in their second Baker game. With their determination they shot a very impressive 1007 game lead by Ben Learman 225 game, Cameron White 207,  and followed by Dallas Casey 218. Turning the match around 12-7 Hornets.  The next game the boys struggled wining only 2 points loosing second match play by one pin 884-885 in favor of Lincoln. The Hornets win totals giving them the win 16-14.