Hornets News · Saline varsity boys Bowling team dominates Pinckney in their first home meet.

Hornet’s varsity boys comes out with a dominating win verses Pinckney at the first home meet with a 29-1 win.  The boys started off with a very nice 201 to pickney’s 140. Second game Pinckney came back with a very nice 191 but wasn’t quiet good enough to beat The Hornet’s 211 game. Saline Hornets went up 10 to 0.  The boys Captains lead the team  very dominating score of 1092. Ben Learman started the team off 205, co captain Cameron White shot a very nice 225, and Captain Dallas Casey shoot a perfect game 300!  The Hornets didn’t let up after this by shooting another very impressive 1048. Michael Kilbane started the team off with a nice 211,  Cameron White shot another nice game of 201 (426) series, and Dallas Casey comes back shooting another great game of 244 (544)  series.