Hornets News · Saline varsity boys bowling team defeats undefeated Tecumseh 16-14.

The two powerhouses in the SEC bowling finally meet. Saline Hornets vs Tecumseh Indians. Both teams came in undefeated and what a show down it was. In the Baker set the Hornets fell behind quickly to a score of 10 to 0. First Baker game the Hornets shot a 185 to Tecumseh 200. Second Baker game Saline Hornets were having trouble with spare conversions and shot a 150 game to Tecumseh 227. Going into match play the Hornets dug deep and battled through a nail biter 1028 to Tecumseh 1016. Lower the  deficit Saline 7 to Tecumseh 12. With Logan Sole stepping up shooting a nice game of 203, followed by Ben Learman shooting a phenomenal game of 256 with the first 8 strikes, followed by the team’s captain Dallas Casey shooting an outstanding game of 278. Second match play game was another nail biter as the Hornets put their heart and soul into the game defeating Tecumseh by shooting 1047 to Tecumseh 1024. Ben Learman lead off with a nice game of 224 (480) series, followed by Logan Sole’s 225 (428) series, and Dallas Casey  shooting another wonderful game of 223 (501) series. Giving the Hornets the win over the Indians 16-14.