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Saline HS Volleyball Tryouts- Fall 2019



To be considered for a spot on a SHS Volleyball Team, you must attend all 3 tryout sessions.


Session #1: Wednesday, August 14, 2019: 8-10 am

     (lunch on your own)

Session #2: Wednesday, August 14, 2019: 12-2 pm


Session #3: Thursday, August 15, 2019: 2-4 pm

*All Tryout Sessions will be in the Saline High School Main Gym*


Due to Freshman Orientation on Thursday, August 15, the last session of tryouts will be from 2-4 pm, following orientation. Locker rooms and the main gym will be open for any 9th grader that will need a place to change or wait until 2pm.

The coaching staff will be looking for coachable  ATHLETES: girls who have a great work ethic, love to compete, and want to learn to become better players and teammates.

Prior volleyball experience or skill helps, but is not required. Prospective student-athletes will be tested and evaluated for their overall athletic ability and level of volleyball skill.


  • Be on Time! Volleyball players always arrive early: you must be dressed and completely ready to play at 8:00am and 12:00pm. Therefore, you should plan to arrive at least fifteen minutes early.
  • Incoming 10th-12th graders will be needed for net/court setup. Plan to arrive at least 30 min early.
  • Tryout attire:
    • athletic shirt/shorts or spandex
    • Athletic or court shoes
    • Knee pads (not mandatory, but useful)
    • Shirt are to be tucked in at all times.


  • Team selections will be announced on Thursday, August 15.
  • Those selected to all teams will continue to preseason practice starting on August 16, 8-11 am
  • Parent Meeting (All Teams) will be the week after tryouts- TBA
  • Competition starts- August 17th for Varsity and August 23rd for JV and Fr
  • All players that are selected to all teams MUST be at ALL preseason practices. These are mandatory.

What to expect at tryouts:

EXPECT TO WORK HARD. You will be asked to perform all physical testing and drills at full speed. You should run when shagging balls, when moving from drill to drill and when going to and from water breaks. You will not sit down during tryouts.


EXPECT TO ENJOY YOURSELF. Tryouts are a normal part of the experience. You will have plenty of opportunities to show your stuff and try your best. We suggest you stay loose, make new friends, and decide that you will have a good time, no matter what the end result.


SKILL INSTRUCTION: Prospective student-athletes will be taught the basics of the Saline Volleyball system, including passing, serving, attacking, setting, blocking and defense. Even athletes not selected to the team have the chance to become better volleyball players.


ATTITUDE EVALUATION: Prospective Hornets should be willing to try hard, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes and keep trying. Coaches will take note of those players who listen, follow directions, and ask questions when necessary. Athletes who are COACHABLE COMPETITORS stand the best chance of making the team.


SKILL/COMPETITION EVALUATION: Prospective players will be asked to demonstrate their understanding of basic volleyball skills (passing, serving, hitting, setting, blocking and defense) in competitive situations. Coaches will take note of those players who demonstrate progress while learning new skills. As with most team sports, coaches will evaluate players for their ability and potential to fill specific positional needs (setter, outside hitter, middle blocker, opposite hitter, defensive specialist and/or libero).

How to impress the coaches:

  1. Be among the first to arrive in the gym and among the first to help set up nets and equipment.
  2. Be among the first to line up for drills.
  3. Look the coach in the eye when she/he speaks to you or to the team.
  4. Be loud, this is not the time to be shy 🙂
  5. Be a champion ball shagger.
  6. Be among the first to help put up/take down the nets and equipment. Ask if you don’t know where things belong, we are happy to help you


Team Selection:

Tryouts can be a difficult experience. One of the toughest jobs for any coach is the final decision about which players make the team, and those who do not. The Saline Volleyball coaching staff strives to make all decisions fairly, without bias, and after extended deliberation and evaluation of each prospective student-athlete.


We make the team selections face to face with the athletes. We will make it short and brief whether you make a team or not. Please make sure you have a ride waiting for you as you time with the coaches will only be a few minutes long. Team selections will be made for all incoming 9th-12th graders following the end of the last tryout session.

If you are not selected this season, and would like to try out again in the future, there are other options available to you that may help you in the future.

  1. Become a team manager. Volleyball managers have a chance to learn leadership and organizational skills and fill a valuable role on the team.
  2. Play another sport for the Hornets.
  3. Play in a Community Ed Volleyball League
  4. Try out for club volleyball.