Hornets News · Coach Spotlight – Al Zeiher – Baseball

This Coach Spotlight focuses on our Baseball coach, Al Zeiher


Q: What has been your message to your team with the cancellation of your season?

 A: Some things are bigger than baseball. During this time everyone has had to make some sort of sacrifice. Our kids are paying a sacrifice of not having their season for a greater cause. As hard as that is, it is the right decision. It doesn’t make it any easier though. I am crushed for them. You are talking about kids, especially seniors, who dreamed their whole life of playing for their community and putting Saline on their chest one last time. They dreamed of getting to play with their best friends, who many had played with as long as they had been playing baseball. They will never get that opportunity. They will never even get one game or more than 5 practices together. I think these kids would do anything to have one more game or practice to be together. I do not think there is anything I can say to make it better other than tell them how much they mean to me and our program.



Q: What were your team expectations for 2020?

 A: My biggest hope for this team was to create a family like atmosphere. We, as a staff, wanted to establish a culture of brotherhood. Brotherhood means giving your all for the guys before you, the guys after you, and the guy next to you no matter the circumstances. Coaches establishing a culture means nothing if you don’t have leaders on the team who put those values into action for the rest of the team. Our leaders took those ideas from words on a white board to living it everyday. To see how much love and respect they have for each other is something I will never forget. We had as good of four practices as I can imagine but that all goes back to the culture of the team these guys established in the winter. I couldn’t be more proud of those guys. On the field, our goals were to compete for a conference championship and make a run in the state tournament.



Q: Please tell us about your seniors – name, position on team, successes they achieved in the short time they participated this season.

A: Noah Nelson – SS. 3 year Varsity Player. 2 time all conference. 2 time all district. University of Chicago commit. Lance Blaszak- RHP. 3 Year Varsity Player. 2 time all conference. All District Player. Northwood University Commit. Cam Daniels- C. 3 Year Varsity Player. All District Player. Ben Stack – OF. 2 year Varsity Player. Emerson College Commit. Nate Watson- OF/LHP. 2 Year Varsity Player. Josh VerWoert- IF. 2 Year Varsity Player. Garrison Miller- IF. 2 year Varsity Player.  Logan Plumley- C / RHP. 2 Year Varsity Player. Brennan Ellis – P. 2 year varsity player. All these guys were leaders in our program. It is hard to speculate on the accolades they would have achieved this year but I would anticipate we would have had all conference, all district, and potentially all state achievements in this group.



Q: What message do you have for your seniors?

A: I just hope they know how much their coaches and teammates care about them. I hope they know how proud we are of them. We are proud of who they are and what they stand for. Despite not having a season, the bonds they formed this year will last a lifetime. The other coaches and I will always be in your corner.