Hornets News · Coach Spotlight – Ryan Crawford – Boys Lacrosse

This Coach Spotlight features our Boys Lacrosse Coach, Ryan Crawford


Q: What has been your message to your team with the cancellation of your season?

A: It is an unfortunate situation and with it being so unexpected it is impossible to prepare for. Don’t let all the hard work done in the off-season go to waste. Stay in shape, watch film and do what is allowed to keep their lacrosse skills sharp. Sometimes in life, and in sports, things won’t go your way and it is up to each of us to make the best of a tough situation.


Q: What were your team expectations for 2020?

A: We were excited to compete for a third straight SEC title and hopefully a regional title to go with it. We thought we had a great mix of experience and youth to have a very competitive team, potentially one of the best in the state. I thought it was the most athletic group we have had and that would have been fun to coach.


Q: Please tell us about your seniors – name, position on team, successes they achieved in the short time they participated this season.

A:┬áBrendan Brophy – Midfield
Colin Sears- Midfield
Connor Martin- Midfield
Jakob Torzewski- Midfield
JJ Ohren-Hoeft- Defense
John Kloosterman- Midfield
Kyle Nyitray- Midfield
Matt Herrin- LSM
Spencer Staples- Midfield
Thomas Hovde- Midfield


Q: What message do you have for your seniors?

A: Don’t let this cancelled season be your main memory from your time in our program. Remember the seasons you competed with your teammates and the memories created on the field and in the off-season. Know that even though your time was shortened you left a lasting impact on the program and helped build something special.