Hornets News · Coach Spotlight – David Fiske – Rowing

This Coach Spotlight features our Rowing Coach, David Fiske.


Q: What has been your message to your team with the cancellation of your season?

A: Be proud of how you trained in fall and winter. We had a lot of individuals accomplish personal bests on the rowing machines. We had a lot of potential for success this spring.


Q: What were your team expectations for 2020?

A: We had high expectations. We were looking to have everyone improve in their technique, fitness, and speed. We hoped to win a points trophy at a regatta and to qualify some boats for the National Championship.


Q: Please tell us about your seniors – name, position on team, successes they achieved in the short time they participated this season.

A: Nishan Bhattacharyya = Varsity 8

Aidan Brill = captain voted on by his peers

Zeke Dingman = lightweight double and lightweight quad

Kyle Emerson = Varsity 8

Nathan Holloway = Lightweight quad

Alex Lindemann = Varsity 8

Stuart Penny = captain voted on by his peers and lightweight double

Noah Walters = Varsity 8

Nic Huetteman = Varsity 8

Kai Jackson

Sarah Tessier =captain voted on by her peers


Q: What message do you have for your seniors?

A: This high school rowing journey may be over, but you have set yourself up to be successful with your future goals.