Hornets News · Coach Spotlight – Eileen Creutz – Girls Track & Field

This Coach Spotlight features our Girls Track & Field Coach, Eileen Creutz


Q: What has been your message to your team with the cancellation of your season?

A: With the cancellation of what I am sure would have been a successful season, I am disappointed at the loss of our senior’s last chance to put on a saline uniform. This program means so much to so many people and that is due to the hard work, loyalty, and, dedication the senior class has put into building this program. We will continue to carry your legacy through this off season and work hard to make you proud when we can once again put on our Saline Track uniform.


Q: What were your team expectations for 2020?

A: Our goals were to be top 2 in our conference and regionals and qualify all relays and as many individuals as possible to compete at the state meet.


Q: Please tell us about your seniors – name, position on team, successes they achieved in the short time they participated this season.

A: Jenna Allman- Distance

Cordelia Birkholm- Distance

Jenny Cantrell- Distance

Suzanne Chuparkoff- Sprints

Emily Cook- Jumps/Hurdles

Maddie Demlow- Jumps/Hurdles

Ashley Desimone- Distance

Nikki Dillman- Distance

Anna DiMelis- Sprints

Hailey Garner- Throws

Haley Greene- Distance

Willow Habart- Distance

Lauryn Hunt- Sprints

Liz Mayo- Sprints

Tori Rishel- Distance

Katelyn Szafranski- Distance

Anna Weaver- Distance

Ella Woehlke- Distance


Q: What message do you have for your seniors?

A: I cannot think of a group that could have handled the disappointing loss of their senior season better. Your grace and positive spirit throughout the last month is truly a prime example of why you are the leaders of our team. While we feel cheated out of the memories we would have made together – we part ways having made lifelong friends, learning invaluable lessons, and impacting future classes to wear the saline track uniform with pride.