Hornets News · Fall & Winter Sports Update from MHSAA

The most recent message from the MHSAA (12/23/20):



Due to requirements and need for more direction from MDHHS that will be forthcoming in the next week, the MHSAA has instructed schools still participating in those sports to suspend practice immediately. The MHSAA also is working to update dates of competition to better reflect the testing schedule. Taking part is the MDHHS testing pilot is a requirement for athletes to participate in the final competitions in these sports.

Fall teams taking part in the pilot program are expected to receive rapid-result antigen tests and more instruction by Tuesday, Dec. 29. The MDHHS on Dec. 28-29 will be conducting webinars to train school personnel who will be involved in the testing process. Once the first tests have been administered on Wednesday, Dec. 30, full team practices may commence. If schools are delayed in the start of testing, those schools may begin practice once individuals have had one negative test.

With teams restarting practice Dec. 30 at the earliest, competition dates also could be rescheduled. Confirmation of updated tournament dates will be announced soon on the MHSAA Website.



Under current MDHHS emergency orders, winter practices may begin on Jan. 16.  The first day of competition is Friday, Jan. 22 for basketball, bowling, ice hockey and boys swimming & diving. In competitive cheer, gymnastics and wrestling, the first day of competition is Monday, Jan. 25.   Know that if current orders are amended that allow practice activity prior to Jan. 16, first days of practice and first days of competition would be moved up accordingly.  If current orders further delay activity beyond Jan. 16, the MHSAA staff and Representative Council will devise updated plans that address both winter and spring sports.  This flexible planning has been required of us all since June, and we will continue to advocate for all kids in all seasons with our continued goal of three seasons played to completion.  Remember that skiing is able to proceed now.

The following winter tournament dates are below which assumes a Jan. 16 (or earlier) start to winter seasons.  Further delays beyond Jan. 16 would require changes to the dates below along with possible modifications to spring dates.

Boys and Girls Basketball
Girls Districts- March 8, 10 and 12; Boys Districts- March 9, 11 and 13
Girls Regionals- March 16 and 18; Boys Regionals on March 17 and 19
Girls QF, Semifinals and Finals- March 22 (QF), March 24 (Semifinals- 2 Sites) and March 26 (Finals)
Boys QF, Semifinals and Finals- March 23 (QF), March 25 (Semifinals- 2 Sites) and March 27 (Finals)

Finals- March 26-27
Regionals- March 19-20

Competitive Cheer
Finals- March 19-20
Regionals- March 13
Districts- March 5-6

Finals- March 26-27
Regionals- March 20

Ice Hockey
Finals- March 25-27
Regionals- March 15-20

Boys Swimming & Diving
Finals- March 26-27
Dive Regionals- March 18
UP Swim & Dive Finals- Feb. 27

Individual Finals- March 26-27
Team Finals- March 19-20
Regional Week- March 8
District Week- March 1